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A successful commercial lender is much like an outside consultant, says Tim Mortenson, who joined Village Bank in August 2022. Tim brings nearly 20 years of banking expertise, including knowledge of small business lending, business lines of credit and entrepreneurship to The Village.

“I was attracted to Village Bank for its supportive family-business values,” Tim says. With an extensive network of banking associates and mentors, Tim understands the value of being “supportive,” taking a similar approach to his work with clients.

When assessing a client’s business, Tim says he looks at things from 30,000 feet. “I allow myself space to evaluate the situation, and educate myself on things when I need more information.”

With such broad experience and a proven process of working with clients, Tim has become that rare local banker who is also a lending expert. In business, “things change frequently, and knowing your numbers and business will allow you to be flexible, as well as proactive (instead of reactive),” he says.

Tim’s goal is always to “be able to provide the best relationship solution.” To that end, being part of The Village is an asset. “We are a team, and act as teammates for our clients and their businesses,” he says.

That’s the value you receive when you work with a community bank for your commercial lending needs.

When his wife founded a mental health counseling agency in 2008, Tim lent background support. His involvement in that start-up provided him with critical insights into the everyday challenges facing business owners. Business, he says, may take you in many different directions: “I understand what it feels like to be in the owner’s seat.”

During a short stint leading the agency while his wife focused on separate endeavors, Tim said he “implemented traction, which allowed the team to do things they never thought was possible and also provided them with margin, so their personal life was not competing against their professional life.” Striking the proper work-life balance is truly a Village Bank value!

We are thrilled to have Tim at Village Bank!

If you have a dream to start up your own business, talk to Tim about a start up loan or SBA lending options. Consulting is his forte, and tapping into his two decades worth of local lending experience can help you achieve your business dreams.



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